With Early Tumor Detection and Screening

    • OTraces, Inc. has built, and extensively filed patents protection on, an early tumor detection and cancer screening software technology.
    • Technology uses well-known math- and physics-based A-I methods including those used in advanced satellite communications — that is being applied to biological cancer testing for the first time.
    • The result has been cancer blood tests with extraordinary accuracy and precision.
    • OTraces is the only this method can access the diagnostic content of the TME (tumor microenvironment), and that can determine tumor progression non-invasively and in real time.
    • OTraces can boost predictive power and optimize biomarker performance of any correlative diagnostic test — DNA- and RNA-based approaches included.
    • This technology can detect cancer as early as Stage 0-1 tumors – at low cost while using ordinary instrumentation deployed in labs and clinics worldwide.

The following video demonstrates this technology and outlines its potential.


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